9132 De Soto Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311
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Phone: 818 - 775 - 0065 --- Fax: 818 - 775 - 2975
Sheet Plastics
Acrylic - Clear, Black, White, Colors
these come with film mask or paper masking
Extruded and Cast
ABS - Black, White
Mirror Acrylic
Polycarbonate -
we also carry Lexan brand
P95 Matte finish Acrylic
P99 Non-Glare Acrylic - many use this for pictures.
Fosted Acrylic - Single Sided and Double Sided
Lighting Panels - in 50" x 100" - wil cut to the size you need.
Design we have are : Prismatic, Cracked Ice, and white Ice.
Hi-Impact Styrene
HDPE - Textured (also used as food cutting board), and Smooth surface.
White & Black
Poly-Gal - with UV Coating.

Tubes - Rods - Others
Acrylic Tube - Clear
Acrylic Rod - Round & Square
Acetyl Rod (Delrin) - Natural (white) and Black
Polycarbonate Rod
Z-Bar, U-Channel, J-channel, T-Bar, L-Bar (corner mold).

Please call us for price
and availability.

We can cut to however
many and to whatever
size(s) you want.

If we happen to be out of
an item , we can normally
get it by the next day.